Tony Goodrich Brisbane

Brisbane QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 07 3878 2322
Mobile: 0449 746 970
Email: goodrichbees@gmail.com
Also supplies OATH hive boxes

Tim Heard

Brisbane QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 07 3844 4914
Email: tim@sugarbag.net
Website: http://www.sugarbag.net

Sarah Hamilton

Bee Yourself, Brisbane, QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 0433 226 791
Email: sarah@beeyourself.com.au
Website: www.beeyourself.com.au

Dean Haley

South Brisbane, QLD (in boxes)
Email: truebluebees@gmail.com
Website: www.australiannativebee.com/deans-stuff/

Tobias Smith

Gold Coast/Brisbane (in boxes)
Phone: 0428 363 512
Email: toby@beeawarekids.com.au
Website: www.beeawarekids.com.au
Toby provides interactive native bee and pollination workshops to school groups of all ages as well as supplying hives (with 12 month guarantee).

Russell & Janine Zabel

Hatton Vale QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 0404 892 139
Email: bees@zabel.com.au
Website: www.zabel.com.au


Chris Fuller

Kin Kin QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 07 5485 4454
Email: info@nativebees.com.au
Website: www.nativebees.com.au


Peter Davenport

Peter Davenport, Elanora QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 07 5533 9383

Nobby's Australian Native Bees

Noel O'Brien, Redcliffe, QLD (in boxes)
Phone: 0409 627 571
Email: obriennt@tpg.com.au

Bee Happy -

Gold Coast

Kara and John Froggatt Gold Coast QLD             
(in boxes)
Phone: 07 5533 5606 or 0413 979 271
Email: kaleidoscope@powerup.com.au
Website: Goldcoastnativebeeservices.blogspot.com.au

BNBeeC members may list their bees and hives for sale on this page. Please contact the web manager at the next club meeting to have your details listed here. 


Kevin Stiller - 

Nth Brisbane

(in boxes)                                                        Phone 07 3869 3770,                                      Email : kevinstiller@optusnet.com.au           Website : australiannativebeesales.simplesite.com