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Stingless Bee Workshop - A chance to construct your own hive!

Stingless Bee workshop: a chance to construct your hive. 

Millen Farm has scheduled this special workshop for a full day on October 22 and a second 1/2 day in November, presented by Bob Luttrell (Bob the Beeman).  During this workshop participants will construct their own hive to Bob's hive dimensions - Bob prepares the parts as a 'flat-pack'.  Participants will also learn about understanding and caring for the bees tuned into Bob's philosophy, and will propagate a colony into the new hive.  This is a two-day workshop, so there is plenty of time to pick Bob's brains and expertise.  Millen Farm purposefully limits the number of places at workshops to give everyone the best opportunity for making the most of the experience. 

For further details go to the Millen Farm website: 

or visit the Millen Farm facebook 'events' page. 

Further to this workshop, in 2018, there will also be an opportunity to attend an additional workshop about harvesting the stingless bee honey using Bob's honey-collecting frames.